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Happy Healthy Mind and Body

Happy Healthy Mind and Body

Welcome to www.HappyHealthyMindAndBody.com, a personal development platform that enables users to achieve their dreams by learning to rely on and believe in their unlimited potential and power. Our courses, workshops, and products focus on specific areas such as health, relationships, careers, spirituality, money, leisure, and creativity. We understand that when we strategically devote ourselves to these areas, focusing on clear perspective rather than conditioned thinking, our overall health and wellness will reflect this and can improve drastically. Traditional healthcare providers usually only look to rid you of your symptoms without considering other factors causing your ailments. We assist in addressing the interconnection of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit to help you become the best version of yourself.

Certified Health Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach!

Happy Healthy Mind And Body was founded by Martha Smythe FMCHC, CLC who is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and a Certified Life Coach through Life Mastery Institute, formerly a Registered Nurse and Care Manager, now focused on education, coaching, and personalized care. As a Life Coach, Martha draws on her experience and knowledge of neuroscience, mindfulness, and visioning learned through the work of teachers such as Joe Dispenza, Mary Morrissey, and Sue Morter and MBSR training (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). She collaborates with Functional Medicine and non-FM physicians, coaching their clients and running groups. She has ongoing Dream Building courses and welcomes invitations to speak, offer a vision workshop, or run a group.

Live a Life You Love

Develop A Happy, Healthy Mind And Body!

Happy Healthy Mind And Body offers the most effective success accelerators through our coaching and assists our clients in achieving vocational success, health and wellness, positive relationships, and more time and money freedom. We offer several programs, customized formats for large or small groups, in-house corporate training, executive and personal retreats, and keynote speeches. We are passionate about guiding our clients to achieve more and making a significant and measurable difference in their lives. Let us assist you in drawing out your challenges by applying our holistic products, wisdom, and knowledge to your goals and dreams. Call us directly to learn more, or click the button below to browse our products and schedule a free no-obligation session today.